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About Us

Naples Title was founded in response to a growing need in the Southwest Florida real estate market. We are neither a run of the mill settlement services company nor an extravagant legal firm, yet, Naples Title provides a level of service that is outstanding, personalized, intelligent and articulate while still managing the costs of the buyer to an affordable level.

We are convinced that, from the first moment, you and your clients will be thoroughly impressed by a level of determination, aptitude and resolve that will result in a completely positive experience. Our clients take comfort in knowing that we have over 40 years of experience in the real estate closing process. We are sensitive to how complex and anxious a closing can be for your clients. Partnering with our team of respected professionals will ensure personal attention and guidance throughout the settlement process. Our employees go through a rigorous hiring and training process, and we hand select the best professionals to join our team.

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Tim Toole


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Tammy Alter

Vice President

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Sarah Stiehl

Escrow Assistant

Our Process

Step 1

Starting the Process

A sales contract is signed by the buyer and seller and delivered to the closing agent, usually with a deposit check. The escrow is accepted by the escrow agent, often by written notation on the contract. The escrow agent starts the closing process by opening a title order. The file begins to be processed. Tax information, loan payoffs, survey (if necessary), homeowner/maintenance fees, inspections/reports, and hazard and other insurances, as well as legal papers are ordered. A title search is ordered.

Step 2

Title Search and Examination

This is a search made of the public records. Records searched include deeds, mortgages, paving assessments, liens, wills, divorce settlements and other documents affecting title to the property. Title examination is the examination of the documents found during the title search that affect the title to the property. This is when verification of the legal owner is made and the debts owed against the property are determined. Upon completion of the search and examination, a title commitment/ preliminary report is prepared, reviewed and sent out to interested parties.

Step 3

Document Preparation

The closing agent reviews the new lender’s instructions and requirements, reviews instructions from other parties to the transaction, reviews legal and loan documents, assembles charges, prepares closing statements, and schedules the closing.

Step 4


The escrow or settlement agent oversees closing of the transaction. The seller signs the deed and closing affidavit. The buyer signs the new note and mortgage. The old loan is paid off. The seller, real estate agents, attorneys and other parties present at the closing of the transaction are paid.

Step 5


After the signing has been completed, the escrow or settlement agent will forward payment to any prior lender, and pay all parties who performed services in connection with your closing (if they have not been paid). The transaction documents are recorded in the county in which the property is located. Title insurance policies are prepared and sent to the new lender and to you. This all happens without any further actions by the buyer or seller.

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